Press: Corriere della Sera

An excellence of the Val Seriana in laser engraving on moulds

30 March 2023
Press: Corriere della Sera
Surface finishes are literally there for everyone to see and often are a decisive contribution to the selection of a product. This is why the story of what we do produces, even in laypeople, a certain degree of astonishment mixed with curiosity and triggers numerous very pertinent questions. 
These interactions offer us tips for perfecting the way we tell our story. For example, we realised it is very commonly believed that the textures are created directly on object surfaces, while instead we process the moulds, the forms, used to produce the objects in plastic and rubber.  
So, we tried to tell Corriere della Sera about our work: its strong points, our market and our values to give a 360° view of us, even for those who do not work in the industry, but are curious to learn how the objects they handle daily are manufactured. 
In particular, we took at in-depth look at our DRE® process which represents the company’s digital soul and lets us assist brands and styling centres to create exclusive finishes. 
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