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Pleased to meet you,
ML Engraving

Our work entails enhancing moulded objects, making them more beautiful, useful and functional. We do this by working the moulds so our engravings are imprinted on the material during moulding. 
The effects of what we do have an impact on your daily life: you’ll be surprised to discover how many objects you normally use we have processed.
Who are we looking for?
Our work is composed of many processes and departments connected to each other like pieces of a puzzle. Its success is based on mutual trust and teamwork.
Logistics, design, engraving, customer care, administration and quality control, your work will contribute to assisting colleagues and colleagues will assist you with yours. And sometimes you’ll just have to put up with each other. We are constantly seeking new things and stimulating customers to give us impossible challenges, so we are looking for determined, resourceful and inquisitive individuals. Qualities that stem from character more than experience.
What do we offer?
At ML Engraving you’ll find a professional environment, where respect and decency are essential. A place where there is room for sharing and fun and where you can grow professionally. 
We want you to be responsible, but are ready to pay you back with trust and autonomy
Hybrid work depends on the type of position. In certain cases, your physical presence at the workplace is necessary to perform your job.