Advanced digital services

DRE Render is a realistic preview of your finished product, a file that also contains the executive information decoded by the laser machine in the engraving phase. But its applications don’t stop there; it a powerful marketing and communication tool, as well as a document useful for registering models to protect intellectual property.
Marketing, communication and industrial property protection. Learn about the alternative uses of DRE Render.
With our advanced digital services we offer custom solutions for your marketing department and legal team. Add the DRE Render to your sales strategies and to protect your creative wealth.
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Digital marketing
Digital has become the most common means for making purchases. So, brands need to come up with increasingly new and appealing strategies to improve the user’s experience and get their attention. This is how we help you promote yourself online:
  • We provide files compatible with your configurator that can be integrated in your app 
  • We create static or dynamic renders for your website, content marketing and social media marketing
  • We create videos and animations starting from your render
  • We’ll give you 3D and 2D files to use in Metaverse
Off-line marketing
Communication is composed of many instruments, each one addressing a very specific audience. So, differentiating them is essential: we can create static renders of your product to create a layout in catalogues, brochures, advertisements and packaging.
Intellectual property    
We often underestimate the value of our ideas, even if they are the origin of what we create. So, try to consider creativity as an asset to protect: we create static renders for you to attach to registration applications for copyright.
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