Caligo: a light breeze for Poetic

The entire collection designed for INSIDE awaits you at Lineapelle from 20-22 February 2024.

14 February 2024
«The nebulous, pastel-coloured appearance of the first spring sky becomes a source of inspiration. The ethereal value of the finishes is enclosed in a very symphonic and harmonious fusion of colours»
This quote contains all the poetry of the first scenario of INSIDE (read the article here), called precisely POETIC and characterized by evanescent shades, indefinite contours and delicate floral pigments.
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Our texture proposal inspired by this poetic vision is Caligo.
Impalpable lightness, natural elements, the serenity transmitted by Delicate Blue, the key seasonal color and a hint of nostalgia. 
From these concepts we have shaped Caligo, inspired by the caligine, the breeze rising from the sea in which we see evanescent outlines of what awaits us, a new light, new life.
Products valued by Caligo:

The random movement of the finish is perfect to characterize packaging for refined and lavish perfumes and make-up, or furnishing accessories that embellish your home interiors with their grace.

From the production point of view Caligo has an excellent yield with little depth, very important element especially in the packaging market.

Discover Caligo and the rest of the collection for INSIDE at Lineapelle February 2024.
Discover our interpretation of Caligo in the animated video of our DRE Render
Caligo and the other textures created for INSIDE are waiting for you at Lineapelle February 2024.
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