INSIDE: get into the trends

A journey in the trends for the SS25 season: sensations, lines, colours and, obviously, surfaces

31 January 2024
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Four words with a strong evocative power, four scenarios influenced by social contexts, moods and artistic influences and which transform into creative guidelines for couture and footwear for the 2025 spring-summer season.
The presentation of these trends was held in Florence during INSIDE, an event organised by Leather & Luxury, a leading magazine for the footwear, fashion and accessories sectors and held by Carlo Sorrenti, materials wizard, supply chain management expert and CEO of DOMINO EGO and Pier Francesco Pitasi, creative director and trend forecaster of Mood Design.
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Four scenarios, seven exclusive textures
We also participated in this exclusive event and by presenting our exclusive collection of textures inspired by the suggestions of the four scenarios.
The project involved our texture designer team, which interpreted the proposed suggestions embracing the key concepts and colour harmonies. We took cues from the mood boards, which we enriched with our ideas to try combinations and experiment with brand new textures.
This process led to the creation of seven textures with stories and very precise identities. 
And, clearly, already pre-industrialised and ready for use.
Turning your ideas into feasible textures

Every texture we design is meant to dress a product. There is an intrinsically pragmatic component to our work. We call this industrialized creativity approach, in which we integrate design and technical feasibility.


Il progetto ha coinvolto il nostro team di texture designer, che hanno interpretato le suggestioni e le direzioni creative cogliendone l’essenza, le sfumature di senso, le armonie cromatiche realizzando sette texture originali.Ci siamo calati nel progetto grazie al nostro approccio di creatività industrializzata. Per farlo abbiamo selezionato quattro oggetti rappresentativi: uno stivale, una sneaker, una borsa e un boccetta di profumo. Siamo partiti da qui, abbinandoli agli scenari ed elaborando le texture per dar loro un’identità e per valorizzarli. 

The challenge launched by INSIDE put us to the test. We had a mood board filled with ideas to give us inspiration and no product to “dress”. 
Knowing the product, its usability and its positioning is fundamental for us, so we selected four objects suited to the event’s sectors and we treated them like four real projects:

  • a perfume bottle, for luxury cosmetics, in Poetic interpretation
  • a boot, a timeless classic, with the Sauvage style
  • a sneaker, for high-end streetwear, with a Bizarre taste
  • a handbag and its accessories with a Divine allure

Thanks to this expedient we built stories around the products giving them a very precise identity, inspired by the scenarios and dressing them with textures.

Preview of the textures for BIZARRE
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DRE Render: a communication tool
The presentation of the collection was supported by our DRE Renders, which offered the audience an immersive experience. 
The versatility of our rendering system is unique: it is a design tool and the bridge for production, but also a mean for a dinamic and interactive communication.
In the scenario room we set up a series of iPads connected to our DRE Repository. In each scenario we paired the DRE Render of products customized by our exclusive textures, inspired by the moodboards.   

This event was an opportunity to interact with a world focused on every detail and every meaning. Thank you Leather & Luxury for the invitation.
Are you interested in discovering the 7 textures created for INSIDE?
Come to Lineapelle 2024: February 20-22.