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Product design: laser texturing for molds

The Touch & Feel division is the core business of ML Engraving. Textures represent the new frontier of product design and laser engraving technology is at the forefront for the creation of exclusive and brand new finishings on molds for silicone, plastic and rubber products. Laser texturing improves the aesthetics and functionality of design products for a real touch and feel experience. Seeing, and touching, is believing.

ML Engraving has revolutionized the world of mould finishings. By means of our production system, our Company is able to engrave exclusive 2D and 3D laser textures on the metal surfaces on molds for silicone, plastic and rubber goods.

The name Touch & Feel owes its name to the exclusive sensation of the engraved finishing that allows to live an authentic multisensorial experience of sight and touch.

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The laser texturing revolution of ML Engraving

One of the most remarkable advantages of laser texturing is the change of perception of the moulded material: once you touch the surface, it doesn't look like silicone, plastic or rubber, but smooth leather, rugged wood or even fabric. This unique effect is guaranteed by the laser beam, because the infinitesimal removal of metal can assure accuracy and extreme attention to details.

The realistic reproduction of patterns is possible thanks to the process D.R.E.® - Design Rendering engineering: from holographic textures to natural effects up to geometrical finishes, the boundries of chemical etching have been exceeded. 
Our Texture Collection offers a smart and clear look to the state of the art of our services and aims to leave you breathless.

Surface textures: your ideas, our challenges

Style Offices and designers can finally free their creativity: every idea, every draft, every piece of physical sample can be turned into a texture file  that can be engraved by CNC laser machine, thanks to D.R.E.® - Design Rendering Engineering.

ML Engraving dialogues directly with designers in order to achieve brand new and original textures. That’s why the Texture Collection of ML Engraving enriches day by day with 2D, and above all, 3D textures that can be engraved onto metal surfaces in order to create outstanding design products.

Discover our services! Contact us:
+39 (0)346 72410
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