Innovazione: le PMI crescono con il digitale

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23 May 2024
Innovazione: le PMI crescono con il digitale

Take a moment, maybe a good coffee and watch the interview with our head of communications Silvia Lodetti, a guest at TgEconomy, a weekly meeting on current issues related to the business world broadcast on Telelombardia.


Innovazione: le PMI crescono con il digitale


Starting from this question, the journalist Roberta Cassina questions the value of digital in companies made in Italy, talking with us and with the president of Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo Giacinto Giambellini.  



For us digitalization is certainly synonymous with innovation and growth. This is borne out by our unique DRE® process, with which we have introduced a new way of designing, taking into account the needs of brands, style centres and the manufacturing chain. All managed through a digital approach.


DRE® reduces the design time by 58%; improves the quality of customer relations and resolves the gap between the parties involved in the production of the product. All these advantages prove the added value of our work have allowed us to start successful collaborations with many brands.


We thank the editorial staff of Telelombardia and the journalist Roberta Cassina.