Have you met TEDx?

We have and we want to tell you why we like it so much.

05 December 2023
Have you met TEDx?

Teatro Sociale in Città Alta. The theatre is in darkness, packed with spectators.
On stage, a crystal-clear, angelic voice starts to sing.

This is the hearing-impaired singer and music therapist Elisa Paganelli, a woman with irrepressible strength.

And this is the start of TRAME, the 8th edition of TEDxBergamo.
Perhaps the best one ever.
We must however admit that we say the same thing every year.
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It was thanks to the personal initiative of certain employees, long-time fans of the TED Talks format, that we discovered this event, capable of suspending time and space on a journey into the marvels of human genius.


While RICETTA FUTURO (A RECIPE FOR THE FUTURE) opened up unexpected perspectives for us and OXYGEN had us breathing new air, TRAME (WEAVES) made us feel at home. We make weaves that enhance surfaces and with them we often tell stories, and create identities, connections and relationships. We couldn’t wait to discover our speakers’ weaves.


Artists, scientists, professionals, intellectuals and sports people gave a piece of themselves to the audience: a memory, an experience, a discovery. Something precious to look after, but also to cultivate and enrich.


The talks at TRAME were particularly introspective. Each of us was struck by what we best related to. We did however agree that the recurring themes were:


- freedom

- responsibility

- change.


Then, as the lights came up, to the applause of those present and the joy of the volunteers, it was almost like we were waking from a dream. The spell was not broken however, it continued on the journey home, in the days to come, as we told friends and acquaintances all about it.


TEDx are independent conferences approved by TED Talks, the conferences on Technology, Entertainment and Design conceived in Silicon Valley in the eighties. The mission of the founders was to stimulate the spreading of ideas of value, hence the claim “ideas worth spreading”.


This same mission has been adopted by TEDx talks and this is why each one is recorded, making them sharable and accessible.


For us, being part of TEDxBergamo is something special and something worth spreading.

We hope we have piqued your curiosity enough.


Who knows, perhaps there is a TEDx closer to you than you think.