Softslide, the solution for dealing with wear due to friction

The exclusive patent that improves the performance of dynamic seals.

31 March 2023
Softslide, the solution for dealing with wear due to friction
Softslide is a patented protocol used to handle friction on the surfaces of dynamic seals, both pneumatic and hydraulic, mounted on actuators, moving parts and automation systems.   

This protocol is fully part of our functional surfaces, because it improves seals performance by means of the management of friction, thus increasing energy efficiency, durability and resistance of the seals.


In terms of production, engraving special textures on moulds prevents from changing compounds or the shape of the seals. The production of new moulds is not necessary, because Softslide works on already existing ones.

There are many fields of application, in particular in the energy sectors (oil & gas, wind turbines, etc.), aerospace and industrial automation.
The costs for maintenance, replacement and fine tuning have a strong impact on the economy of a dynamic system and can cause severe losses due to plant downtime or machines being overhauled. Without considering that when a fault occurs due to friction, the damage can also be very serious.
Softslide makes use of measurment and simulation tools, that allow to estimate how much to decrease or increase friction, according to the application of the seal.
Softslide is the result of a project financed by the European Union thanks to a consortium of international enterprises coordinated by ML Engraving.
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