Organic Sensations

Find out our capsule collection: five textures inspired by nature, ready to enrich your products.

10 January 2024

The job to research and create new textures is constant and goes hand in hand with work on our customers’ projects. Conceiving new textures means testing new protocols to create exclusive effects on the surfaces of objects.


In 2023 we launched a capsule collection inspired by nature: Organic Sensations.


We launched it with a special column in Linkedin and now you can find it also on our website: five finishes, their references and, of course, products we had in mind while creating them.

These finishes are part of our pre-industrialised texture catalogue.

CORAL - texture laser edizione 2023
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Coral is an elegant texture that covers exclusive products. It is inspired by the branch structures typical of the so-called "brain coral",  a common name that describes a wide range of coral species.
Its lively sinuosity immediately transports you to exotic beaches and crystal clear water. A sense of peace and tranquillity fulfills your dreams.
Suitable products for Coral
Its timeless charm embellishes footwear for summer collections, for example flip-flops or platform sneakers. 
But it is also suitable for the cosmetics sector, which aims at high profile packaging.
SIQ - texture laser edizione 2023
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Siq is a refined proposal of material texture and symbolises the power of nature in its constant and infinite renewal.


The finish pays homage to Siq’s sandstone walls, a natural geological fault, whose walls reach a height of 182 km, leading to Al Khasneh, the tomb of the city of Petra.

So, let’s stop and observe the beauty of nature’s action, while we reach the ancient Jordan city.


Suitable products for Siq


This finish gives character to objects that ensure high performance: just imagine e-bike battery covers or high-performance technical objects.

WHITEHAVEN - texture laser edizione 2023
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Whitehaven is inspired by the reflections of the crystal clear water and projection of shadows on the sandy bottom of this Australian beach. Seven km of sand as white as flour, composed of 98% silica, where you’ll find signs that bear a quote of the Native American chief Seattle: 


“Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints”.


Just like for Coral, the natural element is harmonised thanks to an exercise of abstraction, which gives equilibrium to the structure.


Suitable products for Whitehaven


This finish is perfect for customising smart home devices, speakers and consumer electronics.

GINKGO - texture laser edizione 2023
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The best ideas come up when we observe nature and this texture with its strong botanical connotation is the proof.

The typical “cut fan” shape that creates two lobes is a clear reference to Ginkgo Biloba, the oldest deciduous tree discovered to date. The Ginkgo is a very ancient tree whose origins date back 250 million years and it is considered a living fossil. Its resilience is due to its high resistance to drought and cold (-34 °C) as well as air pollution.


Pay attention to the veins of the leaves: they fade one by one to obtain an even more natural effect.


Suitable products for Gingko


We designed this texture for outdoor furniture: flower pots and planters, but also garden furniture details.

CARAPACE - texture laser edizione 2023
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Carapace is a geometrical and functional texture, inspired by the shape of the Indian star tortoise shell (Geochelone elegans). The unusual “humpback” shape, called gömböc, has been reinterpreted to create a three dimensional geometric module.


The term gömböc comes from Hungarian and means “spheroidal”. Its particular structure lets it return to a stable position when it is put in any other position. 

Great precision is required to draw it, with a tolerance of around 0.1 mm by 100 mm. This characteristic makes it possible to enhance highly technical products in an original manner.


Suitable products for Carapace


The grip effect of the modern Carapace cut is perfect for making the surfaces of equipment handles and grips better performing.

The 2024 season has just begun. And we have new textures in store to tell you about.

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