Mercury e Post Organic

Bizarre: the most visionary scenario for the spring-summer 2025 collections

21 March 2024
«The glossy surfaces acquire an almost liquid tactility, giving the products a compelling visual appearance. The highly glossy finishes cause a kind of dimensional brilliance on the surfaces»
Visionary, post-human, dreamlike. This is Bizarre, the third scenario presented at INSIDE for the spring-summer 2025 collections. Exasperated and metamorphic forms merge together creating parallel worlds, metaverses that express the growing mixture between real and digital and that make us glimpse new and yet unexplored dimensions.

Surfaces become protagonists thanks to diluted colors and pearls that transform the textures, confusing senses. To amplify this random and dreamy scenario we designed the Mercury and Post-Organic textures.
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As in a dream, shapes and surfaces appear fluid and unpredictable.
An idea materializes in our minds: mercury, a transition metal characterized by being liquid at room temperature, is its perfect expression.
Drops of this metal sculpt a surreal and indefinite entity, eager to be explored and discovered. 
Products valued by Mercury:
This finish lends itself very well to embellish accessory beauty and body care, but also cosmetics and the world of footwear, as shown by the video we made and which features a sneaker.
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Swarms of inorganic matter move endlessly, sinuously, pervading every space.
Dystopia transcends reality by opening to transhumanism.
The very name of the finish is a manifesto of its indecipherable essence.
Products valued by Post-Organic:
The mix between reality and digital world that has led to Post-Organic is perfect for customizing leading products in the hi-tech world: audio players, voice assistants and devices for personal use.
Discover our interpretation of Mercury and Post-Organic in the animated video