Infinite 2.0

Developing a more efficient and performing laser texturing technology

20 March 2023
Infinite 2.0

The project is based on the development and industrialization of a laser texturing solution of metallic surfaces to create aesthetic and functional patterns.


INFINITE 2.0 uses a combination of software and hardware innovations. The innovative portal cartesian system is intended to:


  • drastically reduce processing time;
  • improve engraving quality;
  • manage more complex 3D geometries;
  • create increasingly complex and better performing textures.


The project was positively assessed in relation to various parameters: risk assessment, intellectual property management, search for partners, market analysis, involvement of end users, analysis of regulatory restrictions or standard rules and feasibility assessment. The innovation and business accelerator potential was recognised and thus it was accredited to be able to be presented to the phase 2 commission.


The conducted analysis demonstrated to us that a significant hardware and software improvement will enable an exponential growth in this sector.

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Status: closed successfully. Access to Phase 2.
Duration: 1 December 2019 - 31 March 2020

Grant Agreement: 884133
Financing scheme: SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1

The SME Instrument makes it possible to access funding for innovation projects by for profit SMEs and start ups.
Phase 1 finances analysis of the technical-scientific feasibility and economic-commercial potential of the project idea.
Applicant: ML ENGRAVING*
*The calls after June 2019 only allow mono-beneficiary proposals.