Infinite - Fase 2

The new frontier of laser machines for texturing and engraving

27 February 2023
Infinite - Fase 2
Laser technology is evolving and we believe that thanks to our know how we can contribute to improve the performance of the machines on the market. 
Our challenge is to build a new generation of laser machines, based on antropomorphic arms, in order to reduce the time to market.

The joint objective of ML Engraving and DS4 is to combine their respective expertise and strong points to design a new laser machine for laser texturing with optimised performance.


The new machine has been conceived starting from the know-how accumulated in more than 15 years in the laser engraving service and has determined 2 fundamental paradigm changes:


  • the replacement of a cartesian machine with an anthropomorphic machine, better suited for performing certain types of processing.
  • the creation of new procedures in terms of CAD / CAM designing and calculation with Raptor, a new Software complex owned by ML Engraving, to optimise the engraving process.


The prototype of the new machine with anthropomorphic arm was tested and expectations were confirmed. At the same time, this work revealed new areas for improvement that will be investigated to ensure an increasingly better quality of processing.

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Project status: project completed successfully. Machine in operation
Duration: 1 August 2015 – 31 July 2017

Grant Agreement: 685317
Financing scheme: SME-2 - SME instrument phase 2

The SME Instrument is dedicated to SMEs and is characterised by open calls organised in three phases: phase 2 is the so-called Grant for R&D activities with focus on demonstrative activities that prove the validity of the project idea.


  • DS4 SRL (Italy)