Case study

Free touring 2.0

The metamorphosis of textures engraved on moulds for Dynafit boots

25 September 2023
Dynafit, the famous sports equipment brand contacted us to customise the shell of the Hoji Free touring boot. The selection of the finishings meets a precise communication intent of the brand, which wanted a renewed look, but also clearly part of the Hoji line that this model belongs to.
To enhance the dual soul of Hoji Free, we proposed a morphing, a technique where a texture transforms into another thanks to a progressive metamorphosis process.

For the first texture we selected one with hexagons or honeycomb, which characterises the Hoji line to highlight its family feeling. This finishing is also present on other parts of the boot.

The second needed to express its distinctive and bold character identified in agility in sliding. We let ourselves be inspired by snake scales - the perfect representation of this movement.


The transformation is in progress
Il morphing delle texture incise sugli stampi degli scarponi Dynafit

Morphing is an artistic stratagem. It creates optical effects with a great visual impact.


Thanks to this morphing technique our designers highlighted the finishings, recognisable on the two ends, but integrated and interconnected as the heart of the finishing is reached.


To complete the Hoji Free project we proposed a progressive nuance of the finishing on the edges to reduce friction as much as possible, thus improving the performance of athletes and enthusiasts.

Morphing and many other techniques originated from painting and sculpture, they let us express the character of products through their surfaces.
Once the definition of the proposal was completed, we applied the texture to the shell 3D file with a mapping technique, solving beforehand the natural deformations that are generated by passing from a flat to complex form.
Slide on the Hoji Free
DRE Render 

The aluminium moulds for the Hoji Free shells are created in parallel with the development of the finishing proposal.

When the customer confirmed the DRE Render we received the 36 half moulds and we were immediately ready to engrave, thus shortening the time to market.

A brand of athletes for athletes
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Dynafit teaches us that to obtain high performance in your sector, you need passion, commitment and know-how. The snow leopard brand products combine the charm of Made in Italy with quality and innovation, improving the experience of athletes and enthusiasts of alpine endurance sports. This is how the brand has been able to create a community around it that recognises its authority and prestige.
«We really appreciated the enthusiasm with which the entire ML Engraving team took part in the project
A.N. - Senior Designer - Dynafit