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High altitude

Dark Machine is the first axe with the grip built in the handle.

24 March 2023
Intended for use in extreme conditions, on rock or ice, the axe must maintain high performance levels in all circumstances. The non-slip surface in relief replaces tapes which did not ensure an equally stable and long-lasting grip since they are subject to wear.  
Dettaglio di incisione dello stampo Grivel
Technical performances are Grivel’s heart. Therefore, the axe must ensure a solid grip regardless of how it is held.
Dark Machine is the first axe with handle and grip in carbon fibre, a material that guarantees lightness and resistance. Nevertheless, resin residue makes it difficult to mould the textures, since they cause defects like failure to fill the grooves. The adoption of DRE® digital designing let us solve the problem effectively. 
«ML Engraving interpreted our requests in a targeted and accurate manner»
F.B. - Research & Development Grivel 
Learn more about the handle grip of Dark Machine with the DRE Render
The two-way texture engraved on the moulds is an adaptation of the ML code 1576 of our Texture Collection. 
Love for the land and a respect for the environment
Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, Grivel has been making high level technical equipment for mountaineering, trail running and rock and ice climbing since 1818. The company draws inspiration from its connection with the mountain, giving it a sense of responsibility towards its territory and a profound respect for the natural environment. We share these values with the brand, and also promote awareness of nature and local traditions.
Fotografia di due climber su una parete di ghiaccio, utilizzano piccozze Grivel