Girith and Persian Journey

Divine’s refined and timeless charm for INSIDE spring-summer 2025 trends.

26 June 2024
«The charm that these motifs convey has something magical and ancestral, giving the items an almost "spiritual" allure»
Our reassegna of the INSIDE trends for spring-summer 2025 comes to an end with the fourth and last scenario: DIVINE. This scenario abandons the visionary eccentricities of Bizarre, the generating power of Sauvage and the sweet melancholy of Poetic, to meet the material and raise it to an almost spiritual level. The sacred dimension of the divine is represented through the colors of the earth and through croncrete, but yet timeless suggestions and shapes.
The inspiration comes from far away, from the geometries of the palaces of the East and from the ancient fabrics, respectively for our textures Girith and Persian Journey. It is precisely this light patina of wear that makes DIVINE a timeless setting, capable of embodying a timeless elegance.
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This Arabesque texture is inspired by Islamic decorative art.
The clean and sophisticated geometries mark time and space with a precise and constant rhythm that elevates us to a spiritual dimension, allowing us to escape from the hectic and hypertechnological world in which we live.
Products valued by Girith
The timeless elegance of Girith is suitable for objects and furnishings such as centerpieces, vases and lamps that emit warm and soft light, but also packaging and high-end perfumery. It suits the style called Quiet Luxury, which avoids ostentation.
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The Paisley remnant bears witness to the mysterious charm of ancient Persia.
It comes intact from distant times, enriched by the wear and the action of desert sands.
Products valued Persian Journey
The charm of this finish, already widely used on fabrics, makes it perfect for the worlds of beauty, cosmetics and furniture. It is also used in leather goods, as shown in the video in which we tell our interpretation of this scenario.
Discover our interpretation of Girith and Persian Journey in the animated video