Floema e Bindery

Sauvage brings us closer to nature in its essence: wild and luxuriant and for this so fascinating.

03 April 2024
«The plant world and the elements of the earth linked to the forests and the Amazonian jugs give life to products that have a supernatural taste with pigments that come from roots, plants or plant waste»
It's time for the second scenario of INSIDE: Sauvage. The stylistic register changes, indeed, explodes in a riot of bright colors and materials, in tactility and geometries clearly inspired by the worlds of plants and animals.  It's an ode to nature: lush, lively, prosperous.

Our Floema and Bindery textures celebrate it in its wildest expression.
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Nature amazes us with florid surfaces and recurring structures, which create designs and shapes with particular geometries.
It is starting from the observation of the elaborated fractals of the plant cells of Yareta or from the sophisticated motifs on the wings of the dragonfly that Floema is born, a texture that has in itself the origin and the becoming of things.
Products valued by Floema:
We have represented the Sauvage scenario with a boot, of those used to pass in the moors. Floema is also used for outdoor furniture: garden vases or lamps that create an almost muffled effect.
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In contrast to Floema here is Bindery, because even in the wildest environment nature surprises us with its rigor.
Veins, fibers and roots interconnect revealing fascinating geometric patterns. A random order or an organized chaos: nature does not compromise. 
Products valued by Bindery:
References to vegetable fibers open up a multiplicity of uses for Bindery, even winking at unexplored worlds such as bookbinding and paper (wallpaper or writing).
Discover our interpretation of Floema and Bindery in our animated video
DRE Render
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