Fast Power Laser

The project aims to optimize our digital processes, focusing either on design and management of projects.

28 February 2023
Fast Power Laser
The plastics sector often suffers from delays accumulated by a long supply chain. The most critical issues arise precisely from a need to catch up with these delays, with no margin for error.
We wondered what it means to offer time-optimized services, especially since our work is often among the last, in terms of timeframes, in the supply chain.
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There are many areas in which different time management can be effective.
With Fast Power Laser, financed by the Lombardy Region, state contributions and the ERDF - European Regional Development Fund - we are working on digital development along 2 very specific directions:
  • A more immediate approach to digital co-design, in which the user can also interact in real time. This aspect is also crucial from a business point of view because it facilitates communications between decision makers.
  • A reduction in processing times, with advanced engraving protocols and machines with higher performance.
We believe the perfecting these aspects of our work will have a significant impact on the product industrialization process, catching up with part of the delays in the supply chain by working earlier on design and performing rapid and efficient engraving.
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Status: project completed successfully
Duration: 01/10/2021 – 28/02/2023
Financing scheme: Tech Fast Lombardia