Press: Corriere della Sera

Laser: luce che impreziosisce le superfici (light that enriches surfaces)

20 March 2024
Press: Corriere della Sera
In the article of the Corriere della Sera published on March 7th we describe how many ways we accompany great brands of design and luxury to create iconic products, unmistakable and exclusive thanks to our textures: from the BOX suitcases by RV Roncato, the columns for electric charging of Daze Technology, Adell, the iconic seat by Arper or the hair straightener of Tenacta, owner of the well-known brand Imetec Bellissima.
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And then sports equipment, furniture, automotive and many other markets that produce objects out of plastics and rubber and for which we engrave the molds.
But that's not all: we engrave precious objects, 1-off pieces and exclusive series in metal. We engrave every single component to create bas-reliefs and exclusive and custom textures.
Like Skulls & Roses, the limited edition of Montegrappa’s iconic Extra silhouette.
333 rollerballs and silver fountain pens engraved one by one to create the evocative decoration.
Click here to download the article or ask for the translation. The highlights are:
  • corporate data and examples of processing,
  • our strengths, namely digital design and laser technology,
  • our coordinated approach to the production chain. 
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