The objective of this project is to contribute to face future pandemies through feasible, localized and practical actions.

14 April 2023
CO-VERSATILE is a 2 year project aimed at developing a rapid and effective large scale production of vital medical materials for health care emergencies. 
The situation generated by the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the desire of the 21 partners to support Europe in improving its response and preparation for facing pandemics.
CO-VERSATILE intends to contribute by offering to develop a flexible, standardized and replicable industrial procedure in all of Europe for the production of medical instruments (masks, respirators, etc.) based on existing technologies and services.
These are the project’s declared objectives:
  • Provide a fast response to the emergency situation thanks to reconversion of production capacity within 48 hours;
  • Establish an accessible and democratic Digital Technopole. This is a cloud-based platform aimed at quickly assisting manufacturers with immediately available solutions including software instruments, production protocols and training services;
  • Standardization of processes so that they can be replicated anywhere.
Services and technologies will be demonstrated in 7 production lines and production systems.
Specifically, ML Engraving, will use all of its experience for the study, designing and production of a reusable mask in silicon.
It will also be assigned to support the product from the standpoint of communications and dissemination.

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Status: project completed successfully
Durata: 01/11/2020 – 31/10/2022
Sito web:
Grant Agreement: 101016070
Schema di Finanziamento: AI - Innovation Action
AI is a financial instrument that supports collaborative projects.
“Innovation actions” are aimed at producing plans and arrangements or designs for new, altered or improved products, processes or services.
Partners: the project is composed of 21 participants. The complete list is available here