Customised Ultra Friction Surface Solutions is part of the Pulsate programme for the optimisation of rubber surfaces.

26 April 2023
PULSATE is a European network built to push and support the adoption of laser-based production systems at European level. Through the PULSATE Technology Transfer Experiment Open Call, the Pulsate consortium selected the most deserving 'experiments', i.e. concrete projects to test innovative solutions, supported by funding, mentoring and exchanges between companies and research centres
Our functional surfaces, one of the research fields of greatest interest for us, are fully included in this project, because laser is increasingly proving to be an effective tool for improving the performance of plastic and rubber products.  
Not only aesthetics then, but also a lot of attention to performance.   
As in the case of C-UFSS, an acronym for Customised Ultra Friction Surface Solutions, which aims to replace traditional surface treatment processes with the more sustainable, repeatable and economical laser technology
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Status: advancing
Durata: 16/01/2023 – 15/02/2024
Sito web: Pulsate.eu
Grant Agreement: 951998
Schema di Finanziamento: Horizon 2020 - Lump sum
Partners: ML Engraving e SKM Aeronautics LTD (Israel)