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Welcome to the press area. Here you can find articles and interviews dedicated to ML Engraving by important magazines and newspapers from the worlds of mechanics and design. These articles attest the important innovation results in laser engraving and 3D textures of the Company.

L'eco di Bergamo

L'Eco di Bergamo

Within the editorial project of Skille that addresses the issues of digitization and new forms of communication to do business today, there is also ML Engraving. In the 2 special pages dedicated to our company, for the first time some internal mechanisms aimed at fostering internal communication both from a pragmatic point of view - to circulate information in an effective and immediate way - and from a more human point of view to make a group that is growing more and more cohesive. From the use of whatsapp as a work tool, to the construction of a group identity with extra-work activities both sports and recreational, these practices are the result of an entrepreneurial mind open and attentive to group dynamics. ML Engraving's 4 partners have always demonstrated an unconventional approach to the relationship with employees and this is a distinctive feature that characterizes us and makes us proud to work in this company.

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