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The interlaced design for the O Pocket collection

Rubber and plastic materials acquired a very front rank place in the fashion industry. From accessories to footwear, Brands test new materials and require innovative surface textures more often, in order to offer never-before-seen attractive products. Read the case history dedicated to the O Pocket shoulder bag, a very must have, thanks to the original, modern and functional design and a natural texture that recall beach bags in rattan. 

Interlaced design for the O Pocket shoulder bag by Full Spot
Material: EVA
Moulding: injection 
Engraving technique: 3D laser engraving 
Surface texture: 3D texture with rattan effect

Talking about plastic materials or rubber products, as a first step you think about industries like automotive, sports equipment, toys and household products. However, in the fashion industry the interest of many Brands in innovative materials is growing more and more. That's the case of Full Spot, 100% made in Italy Brand, that in a few years cornered the market thanks to funny, original and coloured collections, that give the classics, like shoulder bags and pocket watches a modern twist. 

One of the most sought-after products is O Pocket, a functional shoulder bag composed by two overlaid bodies, available in many colours and customizable with shoulder strap in leather or cotton. 

The O Pocket bag is the subject of this case history because the 3D surface texture with interlaced design on the above element was realized through laser engraving. The bag is in EVA, a plastic material that is injected in the mold and expands. One of the peculiarity of this material is the capability to group good physical properties with excellent aesthetic and tactile features. EVA is furthermore long-lasting, light and waterproof. 

Digital services: reverse Engineering, mapping and D.R.E®

As first step of the project, the customer gave ML Engraving a rattan beach bag as a model of the selected texture. In order to accurately reproduce the surface finishing, we proceeded with the Reverse Engineering of a portion of the object, with the digital reconstruction of the texture file and with its mapping on the mold file. The digital management of the texture through the process D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering allowed the perfect control of the round areas and avoided distortion effects. 

The final result of the surface texture is very natural and well-finished and surely contributed to the product success, a very must have for the summer 2014, re-proposed in stronger colours for the winter collection too. 

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