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Surface textures for BOX by RV Roncato

The pleasure of a travel starts from the luggage. Travelling light, with resistant and confortable suitcases: this is the philosophy of RV Roncato, that presents for summer 2015 BOX, the rigid ultralight trolley case 100% made in Italy, decorated by the anti-scratch surface textures developed by ML Engraving. The 3D laser engraving of the entire surface of the product enhances the trolley without weighing it down.

Material: Polypropylene
Mould material: steel SP 300
Moulding: injection
Engraving technique: 3D laser engraving
Surface texture: geometrical anti-scratch texture

For over 50 years now, the brand RV RONCATO is a synonym for quality, research and innovation. Thanks to its new product BOX, the company proves itself again as leader in handbags field and as point of reference for Made-in-Italy products. BOX was designed and developed entirely in Italy and it's a concentration of great technical mastery and unmistakable style. Every detail, including the surface textures realised by ML Engraving, was studied with great care.

The challenge for RV Roncato was to combine lightness and strength, basic features for a travel item and key elements for consumers, who want to buy a suitcase. The design of BOX was developed by the engineer Angelini ( and is characterized by straight lines and taut surfaces, such as a box. The ribs ontribute to the rigidity of the product without compromising the flexibility, that is necessary to absorb the impacts and react elastically.

Anti-scratch surface textures for RV RONCATO

ML Engraving worked in team with Angelini Design, Jockoo Texture Factory and the company Meccanica Generale during the various stages of the product's construction. The winning element introduced by ML Engraving was the fact that it wasn't necessary to wait for the molds construction before thinking about the design of the surface. On the contrary, the design of the surface texture was carried out simultaneously with the molds construction, so that once produced, they could be engraved with no waste of time.

This was made possible thanks to D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering, the exclusive production process, that allows ML Engaving to visualize the previews of the surface texture applied through an accurate 3D rendering that will correspond perfectly to the final result and can be presented to the customer for his final approval. The machine file is already contained in the rendering file and that guarantee the perfect correspondence between what is shown on the monitor and what will be the final result of the engraving. The regular dots are consistent with the linearity of the design and protect the product against possible knocks and scrapes, that could damage the suitcase.

ML Engraving mapped perfectly the texture file on the body file of the molds and was able to control every complex area and to avoid the texture stretching on the round surfaces.

BOX is produced in black polypropylene, a thermoplastic material with excellent impact resistance, hardness, rigidity and strength characteristics and at the same time offering great lightness. BOX is available in two versions, big and medium, whose weight is respectively 3,4 and 2,9 kg.

Team Jestion and BOX: adrenaline and show

Roncato is original in its advertising too: the promotion of BOX is is entrusted to the Italian athletes of Team Jestion, Free Running & Parkour champions. The trolleys accompanied the guys during their performance among the calli and small squares of Venice, resisting perfectly to every deformation and every time returning to their original shape.

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