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Philippe Starck and Cactooos for Joa Sekoya

Presented at Salone del Mobile 2014, TOG is the new unconventional and groundbreaking brand of the Brazilian Group Grendene. Among the designers who contributed to the projects of the brand, the star of industrial design, Philippe Starck, who developed Joa Sekoya: a set of chairs and tables with surface textures that create a wooden effect and manufactured by Cactooos – The Engraving Network. Find out the details of the project.

TOG: chairs in polypropylene and tables in polyethylene Seating Material: polypropylene
Seating moulding: injection moulding
Table material: polyethylene
Table moulding: rotomoulding
Engraving technique: laser-etching by Cactooos
Surface textures: 3D wood-effect

The Cactooos Group once again starred alongside champions of design in the development of an innovative project. In fact, Cactooos is a partner of TOG, a new brand of product design spurred by the desire to create an open source platform to foster direct communication among designers, industry and crafts and the consumer, that becomes the true engine of the creative and productive process. The consumer has the freedom to observe the object in its bare design, as originally proposed by the designer, and then customize it according to his taste, desires or decorative preferences.

The surface textures of the Cactooos Group for Joa Sekoya were designed by Philippe Starck

The Cactooos Group has followed the development of the Sekoya project designed by the undisputed star of global industrial design, Philippe Starck, the multi-talented designer, artist and architect whose works represent milestones in the world of design and architecture. Irreverent and unconventional, Starck conceives his creations as a contribution to making the world a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place, which is even more important than making it more beautiful.

Joa Sekoya is a line of polyethylene tables and chairs made of polypropylene with a 3D surface texture that creates an incredibly realistic wood effect to the eye and to touch.

Design factory Jockoo has followed the entire development process of the surface textures: based on the designer’s specifications; reverse engineering was applied to specially selected wooden planks for the peculiar veining and nodes from which to extract the texture.

After the scanning process, the texture was digitally processed according to precise guidelines: to recreate a wooden effect that would match the young, gritty and modern spirit of the entire collection. It was therefore necessary to lighten the initial design, through a reduction of details, without compromising the identity and the naturalness of the wood. The surface texture obtained was mapped on the series of moulds that made up the project. One of the major difficulties encountered was mapping the surface texture on very different geometries, while maintaining the application perfectly uniform.

The moulds were processed using the laser-etching technique of ML Engraving and Nova Tex. This stage of the process involved handling moulds of different size and shape, constructed with different procedures and especially intended for two different moulding processes: rotomoulding for tables and injection for the chairs, again ensuring the uniformity of the surface textures.

TOG – All creators together

TOG, whose Research and development Manager is the Italian Nicola Rapetti, is part of the Brazilian industrial group Grenende and has a clear mission: to be a collective and interactive brand. The intention is to think of a product with top quality design where the customer can participate directly to the creative process: from shapes to colours, the customer can request product customizations and even choose who among the designers will develop the project. A revolutionary way of conceiving design, in an attempt to create a "futuristic community that blends the best of the industrial universe with the latest technology and mastery of craftsmanship", as TOG’s press release reads.

All collections from TOG are 100% made in Italy, included our surface textures. They are a credit to the made in Italy industry, synonymous with excellence and quality.

The inaugural event of TOG was held during the Design Week in Milan, in which designers presented the 21 families of products that make up the first collection.

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