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Cactooos - The Engraving Network for Twizy

Cactooos – The Engraving Network, introduces the case history for Twizy, the zero emission urban crosser of Renault. Twizy is a mix of technological innovation, named “Best of the Best product design 2012” at Red Dot Awards. Cactooos collaborated with Renault’ Style Centre in order to create the surface texture and engrave it onto interior and exterior plastic components of the vehicle. An important debut for the network!

Product material: various
Material of the mould:
Moulding process: injection
Engraving technique: laser etching
Surface textures: geometric

Cactooos – The Engraving Network gathers services and technologies at the forefront in the realization of surface textures on molds. The shared R&D Departments allow to find specific solutions in order to solve every technical problem.

ML Engraving presents the first project signed by Cactooos – The Engraving Network: the plastic components of Twizy, the urban crosser by Renault, which represents the Zero Emissions Revolution of the French Automotive Company.

Alongside Est Grainage, Renault’ Style Centre wanted to test the advantages of the digital services of Cactooos in order to find a new texture for the steering wheel, the dashboard and the bumper.

Digital Services

The first step of the project consisted on defining the features of the surface texture. Then Cactooos elaborated the topography and the 3D mapping of all the parts to be covered by the texture.

The second step took place directly at the headquarters of Renault’s Style Centre, where our team worked together with the designers in order to verify the perfect drawing of the texture, to check for distortions and to align it on the junctures. Once modifications were finished, the file was validated by the Style Centre.

“The most important step of the project” says Amadou, lead designer and founder of Jockoo digital-lab “was to work side by side with Renault’s Style Center, be inspired by the creative energy of great professionals and see how they were fascinated by the digital mapping process”.

Engraving Services

The surface textures have been engraved with laser-etching technique, a process that combines the advantages of both technologies: laser engraving and chemical etching. Laser engraving allows the perfect drawing of the digital file on the mold, even on junctures and critical areas. Chemical etching is particularly indicated for 2D textures on big moulds.

Twizy: Best of the Best 2012

Twizy was named “Best of the Best product design 2012” during the Red Dot Awards Ceremony, last 2nd July. Twizy won more than 4500 competitors, convincing the 30 components of the jury, thanks to the original and innovative design that included the surface textures of Cactooos.

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