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Alu-Rub: the exclusive LOCK-ON Ariete grip

Ariete, the famous Italian brand for motorcycle accessories, chose ML Engraving for its flagship product  Alu-Rub. The road grip Alu-Rub features the best technical, ergonomic and aesthetic solutions. ML Engraving has designed a special project that includes several 3D textures on the Supersoft® rubber parts. Read the Case History and find out more details.

Alu-Rub, the grip of Ariete in Supersoft® rubber
Product material: aluminum alloy and Supersoft® rubber
Mold material: aluminum
Moulding: injection moulding
Engraving technique:  3D laser engraving
Surface textures: ML065 (3D geometric texture) and 3D leather-like texture

ML Engraving is partner of many important brands in order to develop their top products. This new case history is dedicated to the Alu-Rub grip, the special LOCK-ON grip for street motorbike lovers. Ariete required the exclusive 3D textures by ML Engraving, in order to face the complexity of the project: the grip must allow the best control of the vehicle.

Surface textures thnat improve driving performances

Ariete aims for innovation without foregoing the fundamental reliability and safety that have always been the hallmark of Ariete products.

This product is featured by customized materials: a superlight and resistant aluminum alloy, tested for the aerospace industry, constitutes the internal body and Supersoft®, an anallergic and UV resistant material, patented by Ariete, is the material of the coating.

The grip was designed to be as easy to handle and comfortable as possible. ML Engraving proposed the combination of two surface textures, created through laser photo-engraving technology:
  • ML 065, a geometrical 3D texture, that allows sliding clockwise and grips counter-clockwise;
  • a leather-effect 3D texture in correspondence of the palm of the hand, that gives the product a pleasant feeling to the touch.

In addition, ML Engraving engraved the logo "Ariete" in the middle of the leather-effect texture.

Technical features of Alu-Rub:

  • superlight and extra resistant aluminium;
  • anti-allergy and UV-resistant rubber;
  • anatomical shape and structure;
  • anodized mat aluminum;
  • right grip: suitable for standard throttle pipes;
  • left grip: screw fastening;
  • improved collar profile;
  • slim line design for a greater control;
  • allen key provided;
  • available in 3 different colours: mat silver, mat gold and mat black.

Discover the advantages of Alu-Rub on the web-site of Ariete.

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