Ovetto Pyrite

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Sculptural plasticity applied to engraving

1.600,00 €
Ovetto Pyrite
Ovetto Pyrite is inspired by contemporary art, who creates torn sculptures from which fragments and crystals of pyrite emerge.
The gash on our Ovetto looks like a cloth from which cubes emerge at different heights. We wanted to demonstrate our ability to handle sharp angular shapes and soft curves, on a complex geometry, using our most extreme protocols.
The cubes seem to push out from under the drape to reach the surface.
Another key aspect of this product is the use of optical illusions and technical tricks to favour the perception of a higher depth than is actually the case: the careful arrangement of the inclinations and positioning of the vertices allow the entire design to be handled within a depth range of just one and a half millimetres. These shrewdnesses help us to propose to the customer textures and finishes that perfectly answer to the aesthetic or functional requirements of each case, offering the best compromise in terms of production costs.