La Volano

Berkel launches its new Volano B114 Journey Special Edition at Fuorisalone

15 April 2024

Berkel's Volano B114 Journey Special Edition will be presented during Milan Design Week.

From history's first mechanical slicer to design icon
When one mentions the Volano, a very precise image is configured in the mind: its details, its distinctive red, its stage presence. How many objects can boast such evocative power? That's why it is a real honor to have helped create the new special edition, a celebration of the object in its essence.
The Volano prompted us on a journey between suggestion and tangibility. Observing the expertise of its skilled assemblers immediately evoked for us the world of craftsmanship and workshops, where unmistakable objects like this one are assembled. The incredible precision of its parts, which move in perfect synchrony, reminded us of the gears of a chronograph.


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We treasured all these insights, thus elaborating the theme of this edition: the elegance of mechanics, told through what most characterizes it, namely the tools of the trade.

Screwdrivers, wrenches, chains: the tools of the trade become protagonists and have been engraved on the flywheel and pedestal.


As a further tribute to human ingenuity, we engraved extracts from the technical drawing of the first flywheel by Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel on the side disc.


Finally, we also wanted to take up the theme of travel. A long journey through history and Europe, engraving on the side edge of the flywheel 797 notches corresponding to the kilometers between Rotterdam and Milan, its origin and its present.

The Volano B114 Journey - Special Edition, will be on display April 16-21 at SCIC Italia Flagship Store, Via Durini 19, Milan.


Find out more on the official website of Berkel.