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A choice that leaves the mark

ML Engraving is the # 1 Company in laser engraving and laser texturing on moulds for design products. The Italian Company has developed a unique workflow that combines sophisticated co-design softwares and the most updated laser technology. Textures are the new frontier of design and ML Engraving provides the best solutions for original and creative designers. Laser or Nothing!

The story so far
ML Engraving starts up in 1999 with a clear intent: to improve the laser technology. At the very beginning the production concerned superficial markings of codes and writings. Since then ML Engraving has become the leader in the laser photo-engraving process and has developed the production in 3 different divisions, that correspond to specific requests from the Customers.

The heart and soul of ML Engraving is the D.R.E.® - Design Rendering Engineering, the revolutionary production system developed by our R&D Dept. By means of D.R.E.® ML Engraving has made a huge step forward in laser engraving. Today, only ML Engraving is able to engrave 3D textures on moulds with the laser photo-engraving technology.

In 2011 the increasing requests on the Italian market have determined the opening of a production branch in Ancona (Marche). The new partner of ML Engraving is Ranco srl, which has been equipped with a 5 axes CNC machine for the Just in Time division.

ML Engraving production divisions

ML Engraving has developed its laser technology and offers 3 different production areas, that correspond to specific requests of processing:

The Touch & Feel division concerns the laser texturing on moulds for 2D and 3D textures. for plastic, rubber, ceramic or silicon materials. By means of D.R.E.®  ML Engraving collaborates with famous designers to achieve their most ambitious.projects.

The art of chiselling has been renewed by ML Engraving and the Nuovo Cesello division embodies the values of elegance and quality. This division consists on the artistic laser texturing on metal items for luxury goods or limited edition series.

The Just in Time division is dedicated to the mould makers and mechanic workshops that always need accuracy and speed. In terms of working services, Just in Time is about laser engravings and micro-engravings of codes, writings and logos on moulds and laser engraving of graphite or copper electrodes.

ML Engraving provides its Clients with:
  • digital planning,
  • reverse Engineering,
  • creation of the executable file,
  • laser engraving of the executable file on the mould without manual resumptions,
  • laser engraving and laser texturing,
  • guarantee of repeatability,
  • elimination of down times,
  • surface micro-tempering of the mould.

ML Engraving counts 8 CNC work centres with 3 and 5 axes. ML Engraving combines its exclusive production system D.R.E® and laser texturing in order to satisfy the most challenging demands of its Clients. The completely digitalized production leads to a reduction of error of 95%, compared to the traditional methods.

Green & Safe

ML Engraving supports green technologies and it commits itself to promoting renewable energies and eco-sustainability working processes. Laser technology neither pollute the atmosphere or produce waste or toxic fumes. The wellness and safety of ML Engraving high qualified technicians come first, as well as the the respect for the environment.

ML Engraving headquarter is located in the evocative and unique area of Onore. The wooden structure of the Company reminds of the typical mountain chalet and it’s framed by the magnificent landscape of Presolana, one of the most important mountains of Orobie Pre-Alps.


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