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Frequently asked questions

Technical features
What are the most relevant technical features of ML Engraving laser machines?

  • Minimum engraving depth: 0,002 mm;
  • Maximum engraving depth: it depends on the king of texture required. For 3D textures ML Engraving reaches 0,600 mm depth;
  • Minimum diameter of laser beam: 0,05 mm;
  • Maximum distance between laser head and mould: 380 mm;
  • Maximum surface to be worked: 3000x2500 mm;
  • Maximum weight: 10 tons.

For which industrial sectors works ML Engraving?

Versatility is the greatest strength of the laser engraving services of ML Engraving. Every industrial sector involves utilization of moulds for silicone, plastic, glass or rubber products. Every sector has its own technical requirements, linked to industrialization and production of its products and ML Engraving is verticalizing its services, in order to meet in a surgical way the needs of every sector: consumer goods, packaging, footwear industry, automotive, household articles and much more.

What kind of moulds can be engraved by ML Engraving laser machines?
ML Engraving's laser technology leads to engrave moulds coming from any type of moulding method. ML Engraving has obtained great proficiency in laser engraving of:
  • injection moulds;
  • compression moulds;
  • thermoforming moulds;
  • rotational moulds;
  • blowing moulds;
  • die casting.

ML Engraving adopts the best solutions for each moulding method and for the kind of material to be moulded. ML Engraving has just accomplished an innovative technique for the 3D texture engraving on dies for thermoforming.

How can ML Engraving reduce the processing times?

By means of  D.R.E® – Design Rendering Engineering, ML Engraving collaborates either with Style Offices and Technical Offices to chose the perfect texture to engrave. After receiving the digital file of the mould (body file), ML Engraving maps the texture file on the body file, without making tests or measurments on the real mould, which is under construction. Once the mould reaches the company, ML Engraving is ready to engrave it with its YAG laser machine.

Aluminium or steel?

ML Engraving works on every metal. The choice between aluminium or steel depends on the material to be moulded and on the type of moulding:

  • Aluminium moulds: mainly used on rotational moulding, where not too heavy moulds are required. Aluminium is more deformable of steel, but at the same time laser engraving on aluminium is 3 times faster.
  • Steel moulds: mainly used on compression moulding, due to its hardness and wear. On the contrary aluminium will probably deform under a too high pressure. Steel moulds are also preferred for rubber moulding.

Quotation Request
What kind of files do I need to send in order to ask for a quotation?

ML Engraving requires very few information in order to answer to your quotation request:

1) the surface to be engraved. You can choose among:
  • 3D file of the Model (.step,.iges,.stl,etc..);
  • 3D file of the Mould (.step,.iges,.stl,etc..);
  • Render file (.jpg,.pdf, etc..).

2) the texture to ba applied. You can choose among:

  • ML Engraving catalogue code (or any other catalogues on the market);
  • a physical sample such as rock, fabric, wood, leather, etc. We will turn it into a file texture;
  • your personal idea.

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