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Frequently asked questions

Can electrodes be engraved by laser technology?

Laser technology offers many advantages in engraving electrodes:
  • perfect reproduction of the electrode;
  • accuracy and rapidity of engraving;
  • copper electrodes processing: laser guarantees the highest accuracy;
  • graphite electrodes processing: 3 times more rapid than on copper.

ML Engraving can engrave a graphite electrode for the roughing processing and a copper electrode for the finishing processing under specific requests. Clients frequently ask for the direct laser engraving, instead of making the electro-erosion processing.

Can I rough a mould to facilitate the laser beam?

Laser engraving technology can be combined with other processing techniques, i.e. milling or electro-erosion and sometimes the combination can be suggested. When it happens, we ask our Clients to contact out Technical Dept. in order to plan the best sequence between the laser beam and the tool machine.

What kind of materials can be engraved by the laser beam?

ML Engraving owns 11 CNC working centres, that engrave metals: steel (stainless steel or tempered steel), aluminium, sintered materials, bronze and alloys, brass, titanium, widia, as well as copper and graphite for the production of electrodes.

Can welded parts of moulds be laser engraved?

Yes, they can. The laser beam engraves perfectly even welded parts of moulds, due to modifications or repairs. On the contrary, etching doesn’t work on welded moulds.

Technical features
What are the most relevant technical features of ML Engraving laser machines?

  • Minimum engraving depth: 0,002 mm;
  • Maximum engraving depth: it depends on the king of texture required. For 3D textures ML Engraving reaches 0,600 mm depth;
  • Minimum diameter of laser beam: 0,05 mm;
  • Maximum distance between laser head and mould: 380 mm;
  • Maximum surface to be worked: 3000x2500 mm;
  • Maximum weight: 10 tons.

Quotation Request
What kind of files do I need to send in order to ask for a quotation?

ML Engraving requires very few information in order to answer to your quotation request:

1) the surface to be engraved. You can choose among:

  • 3D file of the Model (.step,.iges,.stl,etc..);
  • 3D file of the Mould (.step,.iges,.stl,etc..);
  • Render file (.jpg,.pdf, etc..).

2) the texture to ba applied. You can choose among:

  • ML Engraving catalogue code (or any other catalogues on the market);
  • a physical sample such as rock, fabric, wood, leather, etc. We will turn it into a file texture;
  • your personal idea.

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