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Psycho-tactile textures for SKIN by Sanelli

Surface textures can have both technical-functional and aesthetic values. This case history will show us how they can convey a real psycho-tactile perception. Just like perfumes, sounds and images, tactile perceptions can also take us on a journey through memories. With this objective in mind, ML Engraving has developed a handle concept for Coltellerie Sanelli’s SKIN line. Find out more.

Material: PP + calcium carbonate
Mould material: nitride steel
Moulding: injection
Engraving technique: 3D laser engraving
Surface texture: ML 1510, ML 1582 + glossy logo

On 26 March, Coltellerie Sanelli, a leader in the production of professional knives and forks, launched the new SKIN line with its exclusive and revolutionary design.

Dedicated to professionals and enthusiasts, this line inherits the quality of Bonpertuis conical steel from the historic PREMANA flagship line, which is combined with a series of innovative materials and technologies to create the handle, including the laser engraving of surface textures by ML Engraving. This case outlines the collaboration between ML Engraving and the customer in the development of the project.

Choice of the geometry

The project was developed and co-designed with the customer who provided the guidelines and objectives from which to develop the surface textures. The basic design comes from a study of the morphology of the palm of a hand to define the points of support and strength of the end user.

This preliminary study was guided by the need to create the most comfortable, stable and ergonomic handle possible for as many users as possible. The handle grip depends on the size and characteristics of the hand, which can vary according to gender, age and even nationality of the customers.

Surface textures: functionality and practicality, even under extreme conditions

The geometry of the handle was first defined and then the graphic design, characterised by two areas on which to apply the surface textures, which met precise requirements:
  • to give a suction micro-effect to the material for a firm and safe grip, even in extreme conditions (wet or greasy hands);
  • to deliver comfort, because they are applied on instruments that are held for several hours a day;
  • to produce a psycho-tactile effect, i.e. to create a personal experience linked to the memories that are evoked at the touch of the material.

The Coltellerie Sanelli Design Centre has chosen codes from the Texture Collection: the ML 1510, to give the material a velvety effect and the ML 1582, a special grip finish capable of creating a suction effect with the skin. Finally, it was decided to leave the distinctive shiny SANELLI logo.

Characteristics of comfort, directionality and ergonomics combined with the psycho-tactile experience were also enhanced by renewing the material. Closed-cell polypropylene was combined with calcium carbonate in precise proportions, which ensures the tightness of the blade tang with the handle and, at the same time, the pleasure of use.

The moulds of three handle models were treated with a special nitriding process to harden the surface of steels. This involves absorbing atomic nitrogen from the metal’s surface ferrite by heating it to achieve greater hardness, wear, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability. This treatment does not prevent the laser technology from obtaining the desired result.

The SKIN line is the forerunner of a new dimension of semi-professional knifes, which are designed for operators of the sector and for private consumers who want high-quality instruments at competitive prices.

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