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FuoriSalone 2013: Acqua Elsa - Water for All

ML Engraving with its exclusive surface textures, in collaboration with Elena Sturla of Whitedistrict Studio and Marco Colombo of Marcocolombo Design and the technical support of Smimec, has developed Acqua Elsa - Water for All, an original and innovative packaging for mineral water. Acqua Elsa is one of the 40 prototypes developed thanks to the Decò Ter design competition sponsored by Regione Lombardia and Finlombarda S.p.A. 

3D textures of ML Engraving at the Fuori Salone 2013
Mould material: aluminium
Material: PET
Moulding: blowing
Surface textures: texture with bubbles effect

Acqua Elsa reinterprets the classic packaging for water bottles, focusing on lightness and practicality without sacrificing design. The Acqua Elsa concept was designed by Marco Colombo and Elena Sturla, designers who conceive products not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also with a clear social function, too. This prototype is a clear example: the bottle design improves the ergonomics and the cardboard support is designed for 4 bottles, instead of the usual 6, and reduces the weight and the use of plastic for easier transport on bicycle or foot. The basic idea was to cater to the most sensitive social groups that are growing in number: women, singles and elders.

The base of the bottle is shaped to increase stability and allow stacking. The cap, wider and with a better grip, makes it easier to open the bottle, while the standard dimensions of the neck allow a good liquid spill. The surface textures are specially developed to optimize the product’s functionality, as well as to improve aesthetic appearance.

Realization of the prototype was made possible by Smimec, a company specialized in the construction of moulds for bottles and moulding processes. Technical support by San Pellegrino proved decisive: thanks to the improvements made, it was possible to mould PET bottles without problems with undercuts.

The surface textures were designed by the Texture Factory of ML Engraving in co-design with Colombo and Sturla. The graphic choice fell on 3D "sparkling" textures, which give a stylish and sophisticated effect to the bottles. A tribute to sparkling water.

Decò Ter - Design is Competitiveness for the Tertiary Sector

"Acqua Elsa – Water for all" was developed thanks to the "Decò Ter- Design is Competitiveness for the Tertiary Cector" competition promoted by Regione Lombardia with the support of Finlombarda S.p.A. The project involved 40 designer concepts by young emerging designers, selected from hundreds of nominations. The concepts were transformed into engineer-able prototypes and solid business opportunities, thanks to the contribution of many Lombard companies, leaders in their industry, which bet on design as a lever for competitiveness.

Now in its third edition, the competition focused on four thematic areas related to the design used to develop prototypes:
  1. urban furniture for commercial districts;
  2. furnishings for business premises, shops and tourist facilities;
  3. food & beverage packaging;
  4. lighting and billboards in public spaces.

The result of the synergy established between the new stars in design and Lombard companies are heterogeneous objects - display cabinets, chairs, benches, tables, bike racks, umbrella holders, beverage holders, luminous signs, lampposts, bollards, planters, bags, bottles and cashier consoles - all reread with a mind for experimentation, in a mix of technical innovation and creativity.

The surface textures of ML Engraving at FuoriSalone 2013

The 52nd Edition of Salone del Mobile was held in Milan from April 9, 2013, along with the side events of Fuori Salone which, like every year, liven the city with installations, music and exhibitions.

During Fuori Salone 2013, the projects developed thanks to the DecòTer competition, were the stars of a special exhibition within HYBRID ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN, event held in the prestigious historical setting of the University of Studies of Milan. The projects were also featured in a catalogue dedicated to the renowned INTERNI magazine.

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