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3D textures for Acerbis new X-Seat saddle

The new Acerbis X-Seat saddle is a mix of comfort, performance and lightness: 100% waterproof, this one-piece of polyurethane is the best that the R&D has created. In order to improve the performance and the adherence, Acerbis has collaborated with ML Engraving to develop new overlying 3D textures. The saddle has been tested by professional racers.

The new Acerbis X-Seat saddle, produced for Honda, is a mix of comfort, performance and lightness
Material of the mould: aluminium
Texture:  a 3D “grains of rice” texture (ML 502), stripes and a gripping texture
Moulding procedure: rotational

Innovation for security

Acerbis is a well-known Company that produces motorbike accessories since 1973. The main feature of the Company is the attention for safety: design and the choice of the materials help to improve the performance of the athlete.

The new project of the Italian Company is an after-market saddle X-Seat for Honda. It has required an accurate research for new materials and new surface textures. The Style Office has addressed to ML Engraving in order to test new anti-slipping finishes.

The Style Office of Acerbis has been caught by the potentials of D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering, the unique digital process of ML Engraving that allows to create an “executable 3D file”.

Overlying textures

ML Engraving offices have elaborated the graphic pattern of the designer in order to obtain the digital file of the 3D decoration. The texture file has been layed on the body file of the mould.

One of the features of laser engraving is the chance to combine more surface textures on the same mould and to overlay them to improve the final result.

The order has been worked in 5 days: 3 days to turn the graphic file into an executable CAM file and 2 days to engrave the aluminium mould.

The final result has been tested by professional Yamaha Monster racers David Philippaerts and Joshua Coppins, who stated the improvement of the performance.

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