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Textures for LSR. Co-branding with Silter

Sharing common goals defines our approach to daily relationships with our customers. Sometimes these goals are transformed into collaborations, like this one discussed here, which sees us as a partner of Silter srl, a pioneering company in the production of LSR and thermoplastic items.

With an inventory of 40 presses, Silter works in a diverse range of industrial sectors – from fashion to mobility and from domestic to medical – and increasingly receives requests to make items with surfaces that are more aesthetically pleasing or have enhanced functionality.

This is how we developed the idea of a mini-catalogue of finishes, representative examples of the infinite possibilities offered by our laser engraving protocols, which offers the added advantage of being able to see and feel these finishes directly on LSR. An important advantage for all brands that concentrate on this material, even in the version for food use.

Silicone copies our textures perfectly, down to the smallest detail. Another property in addition to the many others already acknowledged: high resistance to atmospheric agents and high temperatures, excellent flexibility at low temperatures and optimal electrical properties. 

This mat, already used as a gadget by Silter srl during the IPACK-IMA 2022 trade fair, is an item we could call a co-branding initiative, which allows you to feel the final effect of the textures on LSR products.
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