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Surface texture: the exclusive Texture Collection

Turning the know-how of a company into a functional and elegant product capable of reflecting its current state of technology. With this goal, ML Engraving has created the Texture Collection, namely, the first catalogue of surface textures made with laser engraving. The catalogue includes the many different mold texturing techniques: from MLG - Micro Laser Grains, i.e. laser micro-engravings for soft touch effects to 3D laser engravings.

Since its beginning, ML Engraving has taken huge steps ahead in the field of mold texturing, strengthening its image as an innovative, professional and cutting-edge company, to which complex projects can be entrusted.

To prove the full development of its process and of the technology used, ML Engraving introduces the first catalogue in the world of 100% laser surface textures. The catalogue, which was presented as a preview at Plast 2015 and raised great interest among sector professionals, is now available in its full version, which includes:
  • the Texture Collection, consisting of 10 plaques in black ABS, contained in a handy ring binder. This practical and elegant packaging offers the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the versatility of the surface textures by ML Engraving. The plaques are organised according to different families; in fact, each one collects proposals for a specific type of finish: soft touch effects, geometric textures, 2D embossing, artistic 3D textures and much more. A caption explains the codes that identify each texture, making them easier to understand.
  • the Portfolio, which includes all the most remarkable works implemented by ML Engraving, structured in a series of case histories that describe the company’s modus operandi: from digital co-design to the D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering process, as well as mold texturing.

With this catalogue, ML Engraving intends to further enhance its position as a leading company in the field of mold texturing, showcasing the full development of its know-how and the progress achieved in these years of hard work and research.

From an original idea to the top of the international market

Many years have passed since D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering was developed, i.e. the digital process that allows the company Orobica to turn the ideas of creative people into industrialisable textures. In recent years, extensive research has been conducted not only with regard to mold texturing techniques but also with regard to the entire plastics supply chain.

Tests were carried out to analyse the features of printable materials, since the world of plastics is extremely diversified: polymers have properties that are very different from one another, thus allowing different uses.
The various moulding methods have been studied in order to find effective solutions, in the event of extraction problems or other kinds of issues.

We then adopted a vertical approach in relation to the various fields of application, according to the specific needs of each sector. The packaging sector, for example, has entirely different needs compared to those of the footwear sector. In the first case, lightness and elegance are essential prerogatives, whereas, in the second case, the focus is on durability and functionality.

All of this research, which stems from specific requests and actual processes, form a know-how that goes well beyond the technical skills involved in using software and machinery, and have been summed up in this Texture Collection.

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