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Register to the CO-VERSATILE webinars

There are projects with a high technological content and there are others that add a strong ethical value to innovation. CO-VERSATILE is one of them. We have organised 4 webinars to tell you about the projects we are developing and the objectives we intend to achieve.

Covid-19 caught us completely unprepared. The inadequacy of our national (and international) emergency plans was a lesson that too many paid with their lives or with severe suffering, not least of which was loneliness.

This fact has awakened the urgency of designing today protocols, tools, devices and supply chains that could be used in the future to face promptly health emergencies.
You can read about the objectives of CO-VERSATILE in our section dedicated to European Projects (link).

We organised 4 workshops with different objectives:

- to promote the project;
- to raise awareness among public opinion, institutions and public safety actors;
- to intercept companies interested in making their own contribution by becoming active participants in the emergency protocols we are building.

The 4 events, in English, will take place online according to the following schedule and are free of charge:

18.11 Overview and Digital Technopole
25.11 Resilient supply chain
2.12 Scale-up production with ML Engraving and MS 1,2,3
9.12 Workforce ramp up

The project that we at ML Engraving are working on together with the partners of Manufacturing Setting 1,2,3 is included in the presentations on Thursday 2.12 dedicated to scale-up production and concerns the engineering of a supply chain for the production of reusable masks.

In these webinars we will show the results obtained so far and the plans to bring the finalize the project.


Here is the link to register for the events. Registration is collective, but you can only attend the webinars of most interest:

Participation is free of charge. Save the date!
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