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PLAST 2015: welcome to ML Engraving

The PLAST fair closed its doors on Saturday, the 9th May, announcing an important news related to the next edition: its anticipation to September 2017. ML Engraving presented itself during the fair as an already well-known reality, with a strong and recognizable identity, thanks to its eye-catching and completely renovated stand and to the exclusive 2D and 3D new texture collection. The sensations collected during the five days of the fair found confirmation according to the numbers: a quality audience, informed and ready to start with laser projects.

We wanted the audience to see ML Engraving’s reality first-hand. This was the central idea of the communication & marketing activities of the company before and during the fair. A 360 degrees experience, allowed by the realization of a renovated stand, that refers to the colors, the materials and the setting of the headquarters of ML Engraving. We also wanted to show the high level of maturity, reached by the company 3 years after its first attendance.

Three years of uninterrupted R&D activities allowed ML Engraving to develop technically and to acquire a very significant know-how, represented by the new catalogue of 2D and 3D surface textures, shown as first preview during the fair.

In 2012 the main objective that headed the preparation of the fair was “inform the audience” about the new possibilities of the laser engraving techniques for mold texturing. It was an innovative technology in great development but not yet well-known by people who are suited to the job.

PLAST 2015 was for ML Engraving the perfect occasion to present its assimilated competences, its potential and its laser engraving services.

The texture collection 2015

During the years ML Engraving has reinforced not only its technical know-how, but also its style and its brand identity, characterized by a young and experienced team, who every day discloses its determination to embrace change and innovation.

This awareness headed to the realization of the new texture catalogue, contained in an elegant and handy packaging. The surface textures belong to different categories: soft touch Micro Laser Grains, functioning finishing (anti-grip, reinforce and so on), holographic effects, natural and fabric textures, until a hint to the new frontiers of R&D. 

The new texture catalogue contains also the new Portfolio, a selection of the best project of ML Engraving. This Portfolio shows not only the versatility of the company, but also its way of working: every case history presents the different services offered, from digital co-design, to scanning and reverse engineering services, up to the different laser mold texturing techniques.

Important notice from the fair

The official press release of PLAST underlines a substantial equilibrium between the numbers of this and the past edition. The field that expanded more both in terms of exhibitors and awoken interest was 3D-prototyping.

The important message, announced during the inaugural conference, is related to the next edition timing: PLAST will take place from the to the of September 2017, 8 months before the expected date. It’s an important news, whose causes and details are explained in the official press communiqué of PLAST.

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