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ML Engraving is MAD!

ML Engraving becomes a Mad Company! “MAD in Italy!” is a project that promotes and celebrates the most successful ideas of Italian Industries. To be Mad(e) in Italy means to bring creativity, high quality and a little madness to your job, but it also means to take the risk to settle your activity in Italy and see it grow day by day. The commitment in achieving the best results in laser engraving, its constant search for technological innovation and its competitiveness in the international market have earned ML Engraving the title of Mad Company, which makes the managers and the whole staff extremely proud of. Find out what makes ML Engraving a real Mad Company!


MAD in Italy! is a project that shows the best of the Italian Business.

We all know that many talented people find thier way out of the Country in order to express thier skills, but for many that leave there are more that decide to stay.
The aim of this site is to promote and support the best business ideas of Italian managers that have settled their acitity in the Belpaese and have achieved the top of the market in Italy and abroad.

ML Engraving is proud to announce to be a MAD Company: here you can read the translation of the article posted on “MAD in Italy!”.

Technology, design and creativity. 3 winning features of ML Engraving, the number 1 Company in laser engraving of moulds in Europe.

ML Engraving moves its first steps in 2005, starting from a very “made in Italy” idea: to apply laser technology to the world of textures on moulds for plastic or rubber materials. The incredible “touch effect” obtained by means of the laser beam allows to turn metal and the moulded material (such as plastic, rubber, ceramic or silicone) into something completely new.

A great advantage that Clients of ML Engraving recognize and appreciate: the masters of the Automotive Industry and style offices of Design Factories have found the ideal partner to achieve their most ambitious projects. Sport equipment manufacturers or shoe companies can finally realize innovative anti-slipping textures.

It took a lot of madness, right from the start. And a lot of bravery and determination to decide to settle the headquarter in Italy and to win the temptation to get away.
To believe in your idea means to believe in yourself and in your staff, motivate them and make them grow day by day.

Nowadays ML Engraving is proud to tell the world the advantages of its technology: the D.R.E® – Design Rendering Engineering, a digitalized process that turns every creative idea into an executable render – the D.R.E Render – that can be directly processed by the laser machine.

That’s why ML Engraving R&D Department makes small and big steps every single day. Not only works ML Engraving its best to improve the quality of its laser engravings, but also concerns about the environment. Laser technology has a very low impact on environment, because it avoids the use of erosive acids and it doesn’t produce any kind of wastes. A huge step forward for green technologies.

ML Engraving is proud to be Mad and tells the world it won’t ever stop. In D.R.E® we trust!

"Enterprise is a creative human experiment that aimes to better life" (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi).

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