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"Innovate to compete" with UCISAP

ML Engraving will take part as speaker to the new workshop of UCISAP dedicated to technological innovations. “Innovate to compete”: This is what UCISAP believes and the reason why the Association asked four Companies to come and explain their winning ideas. The appointment is due to 28th September and it’s open to everyone interested. ML Engraving invites its Clients to take this chance to be updated with all the technological innovations from moulds world: from manufacturing to texture engraving to moulding.

ML Engraving has been invited by UCISAP - the Italian association of mould makers, to join the speakers of its next workshop. This important event will take place the 28th September at UCISAP headquarter.

The significant title of the workshop doesn’t leave any doubt:
“Innovare per competere negli stampi e nello stampaggio delle materie plastiche”
“Innovate to compete in mould manufacturing and moulding of plastic materials”

The workshop is divided in two sessions, both extremely practical. The first session will concern:
  1. the automation processing in mould making by AgieCharmille
  2. multi-colour and multi-material moulding by Engel Italia

The second session will be dedicated to:

  1. digital technologies to engrave 3D textures by ML Engraving
  2. high quality  dies by Officina Marchetti

Each speaker will explain the innovative applications regarding his Company and that have increased the competitiveness of Italian products in the international business. UCISAP has asked ML Engraving to present its exclusive technology that provides excellent laser engravings of textures on moulds.

Digitalized processing of 3D superficial textures of moulds 

This is the title of the speech delivered by Mr. Andrea Lodetti, General Manager of ML Engraving. Mr. Lodetti will guide the audience to the discovery of D.R.E®. - Design Rendering Engineering, the exclusive production system patented by ML Engraving that has revolutionized the world of superficial finishes.

Technical and scientific innovations very often derive from specific exigencies. The one of ML Engraving was to overcome the limits of chemical etching in order to create superficial textures ever seen before. The principal limit of etching is the manual procedure, that causes many mistakes.
The combination of D.R.E®. and laser technology provides ML Engraving with a unique digitalized process that allows to create the most futuristic and vant-guarde creative ideas.

The main advantages offered by the D.R.E®. - Design Rendering Engineering can be summed up as follows:
  • engraving of 3D textures with a unique touch effect;
  • perfect correspondence between the visual rendering and the laser engraving
  • time saving: the processing of the texture file is developed during the mould-manufacturing;
  • transformation of every creative idea into an executable texture file;
  • use of a sustainable technology, that doesn’t pollute;
  • the developing of new patents and solutions to answer the requests of the Clients.

Laser engravings by ML Engraving are appreciated by Clients coming from very different industries such as product design, automotive, sport equipments, footwear, households or toy manufacturers.

Where and when

28 September 2011
Opening hour 14:00

128, Fulvio Testi Street
Cinisello Balsamo (Milan)

UCISAP event is open to everyone interested and completely free. Please contact us to confirm your presence until 23rd September.

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