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Highlights of the Workshop Innovare per Vincere

The workshop “Innovare per vincere” (Innovatin to win), organized by Promoserio,  took place on Saturday, the 10th November. The Rector of the Bergamo University, Mr. Stefano Palear opened the workshop and delivered a very successful and impassioned speech about the theme “new economy”. Some  local companies were awarded a Certificate of Merit as an attestation of their great deal of effort concerning innovation. ML Engraving was among these companies thanks to D.R.E. ® - Design Rendering Engineering.


"Stay hungry stay foolish"

As everybody knows, Steve Jobs was a protagonist of our century, a real visionary, who spent his life furthering innovation and changes. For this reason his words were the background of the workshop “Innovare per vincere”, organized by Promoserio on Saturday, the 10th November. The event was very successful thanks to the guests’ high level: among the others Mr. Paleari, Rector of the Bergamo University and Mr. Fratta, president of Promoserio.

New economy without new society
One of the most important debated theme was the concept “new society in a new economy”. Mr. Paleari underlined the importance of creating and developing a new society, based on innovation and changes, that could be ready to face the so-called new economy, without forgetting the past. This new society should be based on values such:

  • Quality;
  • Lightness;
  • Simplicity;
  • Responsibility;
  • Merit;
  • Equity;
  • Multiplicity.

After Mr. Paleari’s speech, some local companies, committed to innovation, were awarded a Certificate of Merit. ML Engraving was selected as one of the most cutting edge companies, thanks to the D.R.E. ® - Design Rendering Engineering system.
The winner of the contest was Energe, a company with the progetto "streetlight network" project.

Andrea Lodetti, CEO of ML Engraving, delivered a speech and explained, what does innovation for ML Engraving mean, that is "innovation that can suit the technical devices available".

ML Engraving thanks Promoserio, that works hard to promote excellence.

See you next year at Promoserio workshop and… stay tuned!

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