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Gebündelte Kräfte - the complete translation

The German magazine Euro Laser has published a brand new article dedicated to ML Engraving focusing on the recent collaboration agreement between the Italian Company and Standex International for the Automotive Industry. Here you can find the complete translation of the article, that begins with a question: is there something that connects Italians and Americans? The answer is: the passion for cars. Apart from this joke, the agreement between ML Engraving and Standex International represents the union the best technologies on the market for Automotive Design and 3D textures. Standex has decided to look to the future full of hope, alongside ML Engraving.


«Standex International, the American corporation located in Richmond, Virginia, has quickly recognized the advantages of  the innovative laser technology improved by ML Engraving, located in Onore (Bergamo). The system developed by ML Engraving and called “Design Rendering Engineering”, abbreviate D.R.E®, represents a real revolution for the processing of the design production. The completely digital process, allows to engrave 3D geometries or natural textures on moulds and metal surfaces by means of the laser beam.

The Italian Company boasts Audi, Mercedes, Fiat, Renault and Volkswagen as best Clients and it is able to engrave 3D textures that give a never-seen-before effect on dies for car interiors.
This feature has charmed Standex International and now the two Companies are developing together brand new textures for Renault, Fiat and many other important brands.

Many advantages are offered by D.R.E.®. First, eco-sustainability: there is no need of using corrosive acids. Extreme flexibility, that allows to satisfy every creative idea of the Client.
Moreover we can consider the efficiency and absolute accuracy of the engravings made by sophisticated laser machines and the availment of vant-guarde softwares plays an important role in the whole work-flow.

Last but not least, this process permits to save a lot of time because, compared to traditional methods, the engraving of a texture on a mould with a CNC digital machine is faster and more precise than the manual etching process.
ML Engraving has improved the applications of laser technology, that overcomes the common use of marking or cutting.

The Company, located 40km away from Milan, describes the D.R.E.® technology as extremely flexible. The revolution of D.R.E.® regards innovative digital solutions concerning the planning of the texture to apply on a mould. Tests and simulations are made directly on the computer and, by means of internet, they can be done by remote computer. Useless and laborious manual attempts and conventional tests are avoided. This procedure allows to save material and time, as Clients of ML Engraving know best.

Moulds are finally engraved by 3-axes and 5-axes CNC laser-machines. ML Engraving is able to engrave from few millimetres moulds up to 10 tons moulds with the same accuracy.

Go to the press to read the original German article.


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