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Discover Cactooos - The Engraving Network

ML Engraving, Jockoo, Nova Tex e Ds4 Technology launch Cactooos – The Engraving Network, a network that collects the best Companies for projecting and manufacturing surface textures on molds, that determine the aesthetic appeal of plastic goods.Cactooos means competitiveness, creativity and cooperation. A true revolution for style centres and top brands, that can now work with one sole trusted partner able to answer to all their technical, creative and productive needs. Ask us for the impossible!


Surface textures play a significant role in order to determine the success of a product. In a globalized and extremely competitive market, it takes great attention to every detail i.e. customized and complex textures, that give a brand new look to the goods.

ML Engraving, the leader in mould texturing thank to its digital process D.R.E® - Design Rendering Engineering combined with laser engraving, and 3 other partners announce the born of  Cactooos – The Engraving Network.

The aim of Cactooos is to bring together the best resources available in the international market concerning know-how and technology in mould texturing. This is the reason why the founders of the network have shared the R&D Departments in order to offer the widest range of technological services in the world of texture developing and engraving.

Together with ML Engraving, the members of Cactooos are:
  • Jockoo, a digital-lab that is specialized in texture design and 3D mapping;
  • Nova Tex, leader in the multi-layer and single-layer etching process;
  • DS4 Technology, system integrator that develops and and manufactures systems for automation.

Ask us for the impossible!

The reinterpretation of the masterpiece “Reptiles” of Maurits Cornelis Escher exemplifies the working process of Cactooos, that concerns the co-design of the texture, the digital services i.e. mapping and rendering, the widest range of engraving technologies on the market (from laser technology to laser etching) and even the construction of machines in case of technology transfer.

“The aim of Cactooos” says Andrea Lodetti CEO of ML Engraving and President of Cactooos “is to put itself forward as a sole trusted partner for style centres and top brands within the design, luxury and automotive industries, as well as for individual designers and mould-makers who are on the look-out for exclusive mould textures”. Indeed, one of the best features of Cactooos is to cooperate directly with the creative, technical and production area of its Customers as a unique partner and problem solver and it’s ready to satisfy the most eccentric and daring requests. What are you waiting for? Put us to the test!

Discover Cactooos – The Engraving Network at


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