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Crossing the future: the DRE® at the 1000 Miglia

On June 14th the pre-race press conference of 1000 Miglia 2021 took place in live streaming from the Salone Vanvitelliano of Palazzo Loggia in Brescia. This edition aims to emphasize its attitude to innovation, as described by the new pay-off "crossing the future". We are proud to say that we at ML Engraving have also contributed to bring a dash of future to one of the most fascinating events in Italy.

Imagine being able to contribute as a supplier to the production of the medals and trophies of the 1000 Miglia. This is already an extraordinary thing for us: our laser engravings on the medals are pinned  on the chest of the participants, those on the trophies are raised to the sky by the winners.

This year we went one step further: the video of our DRE® Render for the 2021 medals closed the pre-race press conference, projected on the big screen behind the authorities. We like to think that our most recent major digital innovation contributed to reinforce the race's theme, that is to say a look to the future.

Tradition and future of car racing

The vocation to progress has always been a prerogative of the 1000 Miglia, but this year it is even more pronounced. "We have included this new motto CROSSING THE FUTURE in the logo because 1000 Miglia since its origins wants to be the crossroads between innovation and development in the automotive sector and beyond". With these targeted words the President of 1000 Miglia srl Franco Gussalli Beretta introduced and summed up the heart of the 2021 edition.

For us at ML Engraving the historic 1000 Miglia race has a special charm that combines values and commitment to the public.

In addition to the desire to relive the magic of the race that took place from 1927 to 1957, Mille Miglia srl is animated by the passion for 4 wheels, with the dual objective of keeping tradition alive and becoming the engine of innovation. This duality also represents the essence of our business unit Nuovo Cesello, which is inspired by the art of chiselling with the aim of using technology to create bas-reliefs and artistic engravings directly on metal.

We would also like to emphasize the important work of promoting Italy's artistic, cultural and natural heritage carried out by Mille Miglia srl, which every year presents race routes that pass through incredible places and landscapes, recounted with great sensitivity and through cutting-edge channels such as live streaming and immersive 3D films.


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