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Certified antislip textures for soles

ML Engraving obtains new recognition for its exclusive surface textures and embossing. The company from Bergamo has released four new textures specifically designed for the soles of protective footwear. These embossed textures have been certified by CIMAC (Italian Centre for Footwear Application Materials) according to standards EN ISO 20345:2011, EN ISO 20346:2004 and EN ISO 20347:2012, proof to the actual performance improvement of non-slip soles. Check out the details in the article.

ML Engraving aims for the quality and exclusivity of its surface textures. Thanks to the know-how acquired, ML Engraving has honed its engraving techniques to cater effectively to the demands of mould manufacturers, style centres and brands of various product types: from automotive to packaging, from housewares to electronic devices.

A vertical approach with the goal of specialising the company to solve the specific problems of every industry. These problems are often related to the limitations of traditional texturing and embossing techniques, moulding processes or by the particular features of materials.

With ingenuity and a versatile and state-of-the-art technology, ML Engraving has already developed several technical solutions that are specifically suited for footwear applications.

Certified non-slip, embossed soles

A peculiar trait of the footwear industry is to merge together manual skills and talents with technological innovation. To obtain a quality product, certain aesthetic and functional standards must be met. The choice of materials and their processing, the design and style of the model, the finishing details are just a few of the elements that combine to increase the perceived value of a good product. In addition, depending on its use, a shoe has to be performant: comfortable, breathable, non-slip (or otherwise slip fit), water repellent, etc.

Performance-related characteristics are particularly important in protective and athletic footwear.

ML Engraving has developed 4 new textures to offer viable alternatives, certified and suitable for non-slip soles made of rubber. These textures have been certified by CIMAC (Italian Centre for Footwear Application Materials) as conforming to standard EN ISO 20345: 2011, EN ISO 20346:2004 and EN ISO 20347: 2012 when it comes to slip resistance. All textures obtained a passing score in terms of their coefficient of friction, increasing the performance of the shoe.

This is just one of many services dedicated to the footwear sector. The non-slip texture of ML Engraving will be available soon in a new catalogue.


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