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Certification for renewable energy sources

Preservation of the territory is achieved also through sustainable corporate policies. Eco-friendliness is one of the most debated topics in recent years and helped raise awareness in the industry concerning a more rational use of resources and the reduction of waste. ML Engraving is a staunch advocate of corporate sustainability and since 2013 has been employing only certified renewable sources for producing electricity. Learn what to do and become a more sustainable company.

ML Engraving has always been a company attentive to environmental sustainability. The technology we use is clean and does not produce waste or fumes that are harmful to the environment and operators; the headquarters in Onore integrate the mountain scenery of the Bergamo valleys with a wooden frame with the background of the Presolana range.

Since 2013, ML Engraving ML can count on a new and important element of eco-friendliness: the use of electricity generated 100% from certified renewable sources, thanks to its IAFR qualified energy supplier.

How to obtain certification

Companies are certified as users of renewable energy sources by GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici), the second national energy operator for mediated energy that collects and places on the market the electricity produced from its certified plants and certifies that the electricity fed into the grid comes from renewable sources.

Green certificates are tradable securities issued by GSE in proportion to the energy produced by a IAFR qualified plant (plant powered by renewable sources). The incentive mechanism with Green certificates is based on the obligation placed on producers and importers of electricity produced from non-renewable sources to annually feed into the national power grid a minimum share of electricity from installations powered by renewable sources.

The manufacturer may request the issuance of Green certificates after having completed the process to obtain "qualification of plant powered by renewable sources" (IAFR).


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