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Certificate for Excellence

ML Engraving surface textures have been voted by a jury of experts, that awarded them with the esteemed 'Certificate for Excellence in Material Development'. They are now part of the worldwide Material Library of Material ConneXion, in the category “Process”. ML Engraving is proud of this acknowledgment and states that samples of 2D/3D textures and Micro Laser Grains are now displayed in each of the 11 locations of the network of consultancy.


ML Engraving announces today that its exclusive 2D/3D textures and Micro Laser Grains was recognized for the renowned 'Certificate for Excellence in Material Development' and selected by an international panel of experts to become part of  Material ConneXion's global material library, featuring the largest selection of materials and of the most cutting-edge processes. The catalogue of samples of laser engraved textures by ML Engraving was sent to every Material ConneXion location worldwide, precisely New York, Bangkok, Beijing, Cologne, Daegu, Instanbul, Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, Skövde and Tokio.

As a result of its invaluable role in design and production of outstanding plastic products, ML Engraving will continue to drive innovation, pushing the envelope by answering to the most daring and original demands of its clients.

Certified surface textures

Surface textures have gathered the attention of designers and style centers as the ultimate frontier of product design. Colours and shapes have already been expanded in all their variants and nowadays textures and finishes help a high-quality product stand out. That’s why ML Engraving continuously invests its efforts in R&D, in order to develop updated and leading-edge solutions and services. Material ConneXion stated that 2D/3D textures and Micro Laser Grains by D.R.E® give to the final product a remarkable added value.

ML Engraving surfaces textures are engraved by laser, a technology with huge potentials. ML Engraving developed the digital process called D.R.E®- Design Rendering Engineering, which allows the style centre to directly interface with ML Engraving texture designers and technical Dept., for the definition of the texture and its mapping on the CAD file of the mold. This combined process allows to:
  • turn every creative idea into a texture file;
  • engrave 3D textures (natural, geometric, artistic);
  • save down times because the texture is elaborated and defined while the mold is under construction;
  • nullify distances thanks to the possibility to share digitally in real-time every information, every preview and every communication;
  • guarantee the exact and infinitive repeatability of the texture;
  • work on welded molds;

Material ConneXion:  separate the best from the simply ordinary

Founded in 1997, Material ConneXion is a global materials consultancy that helps companies to fulfill the need for innovation by scouting innovative materials and processes from around the world. With physical locations in the United States, Europe and Asia, Material ConneXion's international network of specialists provides a global, cross-industry perspective on materials, design, new product development, sustainability, technology and innovation. Material ConneXion maintains the world's largest subscription-based Materials Library of over 7,000 innovative materials and processes, an indispensable asset to a wide audience of users.


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