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Cactooos invited at Rimini Meeting

Cactooos - The Engraving Network, company business network, that is gaining more and more approval among the most important European style centers thanks to its exclusive engraving techniques, took part to the conference organized by Compagnia dello Opere during the Rimini Meeting, which took place from the till the of August. The Pavilion C1 was theater of the conference series "With the bravery of the realism, CDO meets up with...", that dealt with burning actual issues: innovation, internationalisation, sustainable development and company networks. This last was the theme about which Andrea Lodetti, CEO of ML Engraving and president of Cactooos - The Engraving Network spoke during the Meeting.

Andrea Lodetti, CEO of ML Engraving and president of Cactooos – The Engraving Network, was invited to attend the debate "Company networks: a way out of the crisis", promoted by Compagnia delle Opere during the Rimini Meeting, a very important event, that sees every year the presence of nearly one million visitors during one week of conferences and meetings. 

Cactooos - The Engraving Network groups the best companies in terms of digital graphics and mold texturing techniques and it was selected as business network example in start-up phase. Second speaker of the convention was Luciano Dabellani, president of Diesse Electra and chief of Rete Planet, a 15 companies network, operation in the construction industry, realizing a consolidated € 600 Millions turnover.

Company networks: a way out of the crisis

Luca Castagnetti, partner of Studio Impresa and specialist in company networks, invited Andrea Lodetti and Luciano Dabellani to describe their experience during the conception and foundation phases of the respective networks, Cactooos and Rete Planet. During the debate, the audience agreed with the speakers about the following cornerstones, which are essential in the establishment of every business company network:

  • intents clarity;
  • clear identification of the area of expertise of every partner;
  • sharing of the parameter for the gain partition;
  • sharing of the R&D departments.

The debate interested the most concrete aspects of the "networking": which are the market factors, that more than others have to be deeply analyzed before founding a network and how a network agreement has to be drafted. There are two questions, that every businessman has to answer before take a shot at this challenge: is it possible to work and make decisions as a unique subject?

Lodetti's answer to this question was clear: "networking" is a great opportunity, but it requires big diligence. A company network runs, when there is a recognized leader, a reference person, who has the task and the responsability to arbitrate the expectations, the necessities and the points of view of every partner, without forgetting the common intent. For Cactooos - The Engraving Network, the common goal is the continuous technological development, that allows the network to offer always more cutting-edge services and innovative surface textures.

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