Air-Off®: the solution to lack of filling

Find out how to improve productivity safely and effectively, by removing air and gas from your moulds.

31 March 2023
Air-Off®: the solution to lack of filling
Air-Off®, one of the three ML Engraving patents, was developed by our R&D department to meet the needs of many moulding companies who, just like you, have to deal with air and gas trapped in the cavity during moulding. It is a laser protocol that makes it possible to manage engraving tolerances and depth with extreme precision. It can also be combined with all our processing and can even be used to treat complex surfaces. 
Air-Off® eliminates air and gas from your mould, improving processes and productivity
  • Solves the main moulding defects, like bubbles, flash overs and surface flaws
  • Lets the material slide better in the mould, shortening the moulding cycle
  • Reduces the number of maintenance operations, keeping the moulds cleaner longer